Conventionally, charitable trusts refer to private, non-profit, human health, philanthropic organizations. These organizations are normally active in various fields the most common of them being government, wealth, health, religion, and education among other areas, which benefit communities. They work for the betterment of the human welfare and do not make any profit. Catholic charities are no different. Their main objective is to improve the lives

of the less fortunate in society. The CatholicCatholic Charities Church runs them. They work mainly to improve the living conditions of the needy and poor.

Catholic Charities try to provide emotional and economic stability by giving housing, employment, and education. One of their best attributes is the fact that they are non-discriminatory. What this means is that people from all races, religion, age, sex, origin and nationality can

benefit hugely from the services provided by these organizations.

The needy receive equal treatment in terms of love, care, and attention. Even though these charities have their origin from the Catholic Church, they do not treat people from other denominations differently. This is more than commendable of them. The charity organizations serve extremely huge populations from all over the world. Some of the main countries where the charities have established their presence are Mexico, Philippines, China, and part of Africa.

For individuals in need of jobs, Catholic charities try their best to provide steady employment. This goes miles in ensuring that these individuals have a constant flow of wages. The other great initiative the charities normally focus on is ensuring that people do not suffer from prejudices and racial discrimination. This is because such issues are known to bring with devastating intergenerational impact. It is for this reason that the charities will always focus on providing protection against individuals of all age groups.

So where do these organizations get their funding from? Well, the main source of funds is donations from the affluent citizens. It is important to note that Catholic Charities will always strive to distribute the funds received in equitable manner. It might be difficult sometimes because some situations are much needy than others but the leaders of the organizations try their best to disburse the funds equally.

Another major goal of these organizations is to unite and mobilize the ever growing number of Catholic institutions and members. They have an objective of maximizing the church’s influence on matters such as drug abuse, poverty, women & child welfare and unemployment. Catholic Charities USA is the most popular among the network.