Catholic Prayers to Reinvigorate a Long-Term Relationship

Prayer is not exclusive to Catholicism, nor is it exclusive to Christianity. But one of the main ways that Catholicism differentiates itself from many other sects of Christianity, or other religions in general, is that the Catholic Church has prayers that are specially designed for specific situations. They are crafted with care and intended to bring peace to the troubled and joy to the celebrant. Prayers for relationships are no different. They are the Catholic answers to complex relationship-related questions.

After you’ve met your match during a church event, out and about with friends, on a Catholic singles dating website, or even through the church itself, you may enter a long-term relationship with that person. You may find a sense of joy, comfort, and solace with that person that you haven’t felt with another person. This, coupled with a joined strong Catholic faith, is where the seeds of a great relationship start.

As we are but human, anyone in a long-term relationship may find that they become used to their partner. While this may be a good thing in a great many ways, it can also become a bad thing if the relationship seems monotonous or mechanical. Within these feelings lie the seeds of temptation – temptation to cheat, temptation to divorce, and other disastrous temptations that can break the holiest of bonds.

When you are in a long-term relationship with a man or woman who, like yourself, is strong in the Catholic faith, consider visiting or revisiting the following four Catholic prayers from time to time, in order to keep your relationship fresh, bring your eyes back to God, and restore your faith in Jesus Christ.

Prayer for the Virtue of Chastity

This prayer is not specific to the wedded couple; it can serve as a reminder of your struggles to stay chaste and pure while waiting for the right person to come along. While you may consider it as a reminder of your sacrifices on the way to becoming the perfect partner for another, it should also allow you to consider the sacrifice and hardship they went through to stay chaste and pure for you.

With doubts in your mind about whether or not your partner has sacrificed, or gone through struggles to maintain a happy and functional relationship, you may lose a sense of mutual love and respect. This can spell disaster for a relationship. Not only should you have a view of your own hardships, you should understand what they’ve done to keep the relationship healthy. This will reinvigorate your sense of love for their nobility and overall character while keeping your eyes toward what God has wanted for you both all along.

Prayer for a Good Husband or Wife

This is a prayer largely designed for singles, but it can be revisited well within a relationship in order to see your partner in the way you saw him or her when you first met.

The prayer will reinvigorate your relationship by reminding you of who you wanted to find when searching for a partner. It truly brings the virtues of the person back home when you need them the most. The Prayer for a Good Husband or Wife reminds you to look at the one you are with, take an inventory of their character, and see them as you saw them the first time.

Whether saying this prayer aloud, or to yourself, together, reevaluate your partner. Are they wise, kind, loyal, noble, and sincere? Do they help you keep your feet firmly within the church? Do you do the same for them? Asking and answering these questions honestly is a great way to look gratefully and passionately at your partner; giving you the drive to push forward, ever in the light of the Holy Spirit.

Sacrament of Matrimony

Though this isn’t a prayer, it is one of the Seven Sacraments and it can reinvigorate your relationship, just as a prayer would.

The Sacrament of Matrimony takes a look at your wedded life through the view of Jesus and in the eyes of God. It reminds you that God made Adam, and through Adam, Eve. With this reminder, you will once again understand how you and your partner are two parts of one another and both brought forth by the wondrous power of God.

This Sacrament will remind you and your partner that you were made for one another by God and that both of you should thank Him every day for the fact that you are in each others lives. Not only does this focus the gaze of you and your partner upward, toward God, it reinvigorates your relationship by giving it a renewed sense of divine purpose and greater meaning.

Furthermore, you will find that the Sacrament emphasizes the eternal bond of marriage that you both share. Through this, you will further revitalize your relationship with the knowledge that your bond is one that cannot be broken and will last for eternity in glory and happiness.

Prayer to Heal a Relationship

Ideally, a relationship would be easy; unfortunately, this is not an ideal world and is blighted by sin. This means that relationships, even ones that are holy and wonderful in the eyes of God and the Catholic Church, are sometimes difficult and complicated. Avoiding complications and difficulty should certainly be a goal, but it should be accepted that problems will arise and that they must be overcome.

Even in the best relationships, there may be a time when one party transgresses against the other, or both offend the other in some way. This is an unfortunate, but unavoidable, part of the relationship process. After all, sometimes we find a purpose in suffering and strength in the resolution.

The Prayer to Heal a Relationship can be recited by one or both parties in a relationship, in solitude, or together, in order to mend any ill feelings that are infecting the relationship. It reminds those involved to seek tranquility, understanding, and forgiveness.

This prayer will allow the person, or people meditating, to realign their relationship with the purpose bestowed upon it by God.  It will also serve as a reminder that the relationship casts an indelible mark on the partners, friends, family, and children, and should not be taken lightly. Through this prayer, you will find your relationship reinvigorated and rejuvenated in the light of peace and understanding.

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