5 Catholic Prayers to Get You Through the Day

One of the blessings of living out the Catholic faith is having the ability to go before the Lord in prayer. Prayer helps the mind to be more focused on what matters and forges a way for the faithful to be changed by the Lord for the better.

All throughout the Holy Scriptures examples of prayer can be found. Throughout the history of the Church, prayer has been a pillar of the faith. The holy communion found with the Lord through prayer has been known to lead to miracles, even in the day to day.

How Prayer Helps Everyday

Everyone faces challenges on a daily basis. Some are major difficulties, like dealing with chronic health issues or financial challenges. Others seem more minor. For example, finding the patience to be loving towards difficult family members can feel impossible. However, God can grant patience.

When people of faith take the time to pray on a daily basis, they can experience the miracle of the Lord’s intervention in their lives. Many people report that daily prayer leads to greater feelings of peace and contentment. Such spiritual changes can affect the rest of a person’s daily life, giving them greater success and purpose at the go about their ordinary routine.

5 Prayers to Remember

Some of the situations and challenges that most people face every day certainly warrant prayer. Interacting with others at home and at work, for example, can require the help of the Lord. Get into the habit of praying using these 5 helpful, everyday prayer types.

1. A Prayer for Your Family

A multitude of prayers exist to help people pray to the Lord about their family. Some prayers are focused on problems within the family, like discord or relationship failures. Many are written for specifically for wives, husbands, parents, and children.

Common prayers for the family include:

  • Consecration of Families to the Sacred Heart
  • Husband’s Common Prayer
  • Wife’s Common Prayer
  • The Prayer for the Family

In each of these prayers, the family is commended unto the Lord. Biblical examples, such as those of Mary and Joseph, are included in the prayers to give direction and to express humility. Another hallmark of Catholic prayer for the family is the acknowledgement of God’s Holy design for the family unit and each family member.

2. A Prayer for Your Work

Heading into work each day, many people have need for prayer. Whether it’s for dealing well with co-workers and authority figures, or having the diligence and humility to complete the day’s tasks, praying before work is a great idea.

Two popular Catholic prayers for work are:

The Prayer for Success In Work

A prayer to the glorious Saint Joseph, this petition asks the Lord to “obtain for me the grace to work conscientiously, putting the call of duty above my many sins; to work with thankfulness and joy.” Other lines in the prayer pertain to using time and talents effectively.

The Prayer for God’s Blessing of One’s Daily Work

Simple and short, this prayer asks that one’s work would be pleasing to God and fitting of Christ’s sacrifice. It also looks to Saint Joseph as an example.

3. A Prayer for Your Daily Frustrations

One of the most important prayers to engage in as a person of the Catholic faith is a daily prayer that deals with life’s frustrations. Frustration often builds into sin, and frustration occurs daily over many very small and really large things.

To live within the grace of the Lord and remain holy despite the many temptations of frustration, many Catholics rely on traditional daily prayers like:

  • The Lord’s Prayer
  • Hail Mary
  • The Rosary
  • The Apostle’s Creed
  • Morning Prayers

There are also prayers that more specifically address the issue of dealing with frustration and anger. An example of such a prayer includes the Prayer in A Time of Anger. This prayer acknowledges one’s sin and asks for the Lord’s help with calming down and overcoming such weakness and temptation.

4. A Prayer for Peace in the Lord

Remaining at peace in the bustling, busy world can be a challenge that many people face daily as well. Just as there are moments of frustration throughout the day, there are also moments when people need to experience the peace that the Lord offers.

Positivity resulting from gaining peace in the Lord is often reported to turn one’s day around. A sense of peacefulness can improve one’s outlook on life and one’s attitude toward others. Traditional prayers for peace include descriptions of the beauty of God’s creation and his works.

Examples of prayers for peace include:

  • The Prayer for Peace of Mind
  • The Serenity Prayer
  • Teach Us to Love Prayer
  • The Prayer of Everyday I Need You Lord
  • Prayer for Justice and Peace

5. A Prayer of Thanks

Catholics recognize God as the creator of all things. God’s intervention in their daily lives is important and worthy of praise. Many Catholics choose to spend time in prayer thanking the Lord. Some give thanks before every meal or after other prayers are answered.

Prayers of thanks remind Catholics of the many things they can thank God for and create an avenue for praise. Popular prayers of thanks include:

  • Prayers taken directly from the Holy Bible
  • The Short Thanksgiving Prayer
  • A Prayer in Gratitude
  • Prayer in Appreciation of Each Other

Suggestions for a Deeper Prayer Time

According to the Catechism, “faith cannot live without prayer.” New and seasoned Catholics are encouraged to take part in prayer every day. Spending such time in prayer is an excellent choice for many reasons, including:

  • Listening to what God has to say in order to learn from him and his influence
  • Growing in the Catholic faith
  • Surrendering to God all that one cannot handle righteously
  • Asking for the regular forgiveness of sins
  • Improving relationships with those around oneself

It is recommended that these daily prayers be made while reading Scripture and spending time quietly and alone. Some people find resources like a rosary helpful for staying focused in prayer as well.

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