Catholic Health Initiatives

Catholic Health Initiatives refers to a non-profit organization whose mission is to nurture the healing ministry of the Catholic Church and bring new life, energy, and viability to individuals. One of the largest faith based organization, Catholic Health Initiatives has its headquarters in Inverness, Colorado. The organization operates in seventeen states. Some of the facilities it boasts of are seventy-eight hospitals, forty long term care residential living and assisted facilities, two accredited nursing colleges etc. Others are home health agencies, and community health services organizations. CHI seeks to leave this world a better place. It is in this regard that it continues to leave a positive impact among the less fortunate in society today. Some of the activities the organization engages in are providing free clinics, providing food to the hungry, offering shelter, providing education and engaging in research activities aimed at improving the livelihoods of the poor individuals.

Shocking statistics indicate that millions of people die as a result of health related issues. The numbers are overwhelming. They continue to rise as each day passes. It is important to do what can be done to bring down this numbers. This is exactly what catholic health initiatives sought to address when the program was starting a few years back. A group of health care leaders form the Catholic Church embarked on a journey of strengthening the health ministry for the sake of the future. This was in the year 1995. They realized that the healthcare area required drastic changes. The evolving environment on healthcare required a huge change in its organizational structures. Catholic health initiatives began its operations on 1 July 1996.

Over the years, you cannot deny that this program has transformed many lives throughout the world. There is no doubt about that. Lives are changing everyday as a result of the activities of the catholic health initiatives. The truth of the matter is that quite a number of changes have taken place in the health sector. However, more can be done to ensure that more lives are changed. More people are looking for someone to come and educate, feed, provide clothes and shelter for them.

Time to act is now. Waiting only causes more and more problems. Catholic health initiatives have initiatives that seek to change the way people think and live their lives. The good thing is that this organization has impacted people from all over the world.

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